classic & stunning images
with an equal focus on
candid, sentimental moments

kansas City Wedding PhotographerS

Nick and Lexie, husband + wife wedding photographers based in Kansas City.

We value our marriage and family most, so we understand how much this day and these moments matter to you. 

We combine our love for creativity, passion for storytelling, and a decade of experience to photograph your wedding in a truly unique way. 

What do we mean by unique? 

Our work is both artistic and documentary resulting in breathtaking portraits and candid photos that capture every sentimental moment.

We're The 

- Classic, Chic, and Stunning Portraits with perfect lighting and good angles

-Editing that is timeless - not too dark, not
too bright, just right

- A professional who will give direction & make taking photos feel effortless

- Candid photos of your friends & family and in-between moments throughout the day

-Two experienced photographers who care how much this day means to you

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"I was determined to find the best of the best, and I did. It's Nick AND Lexie..."


"They were a Godsend on my wedding day! They captured every raw emotion, perfectly. Their photography is out of this world, and the experience they gave is unmatched. Thank you for being more than a photographers that day. Your support, friendship, and professionalism made all the difference. To anyone reading this comment, I highly recommend Nick & Lexie. I promise they will exceed every expectation you have! Simply outstanding!" 

"They were a godsend on my wedding day and
captured every raw emotion perfectly..."


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