husband and wife, photo + film duo, and marriage enthusiasts turning life’s greatest festivities into lasting memories one exciting romance at a time.

We love marriage. We also love family, and parties, and traveling, and making memories, so we combined it with our creative abilities making us the ultimate wedding photo & film team. 

In addition to being some of the best in the business, we pride ourselves on providing a next level experience and an everlasting product that allows your unique story to be celebrated for generations.

We're nick


and lexie,


"They were a Godsend on my wedding day! They captured every raw emotion, perfectly. Their photography is out of this world, and the experience they gave is unmatched. Thank you for being more than a photographers that day. Your support, friendship, and professionalism made all the difference. To anyone reading this comment, I highly recommend Nick & Lexie for beautiful photos and everything in between. I promise they will exceed every expectation you have! Simply outstanding!" 

"They were a godsend on my wedding day and captured every raw emotion perfectly..."

1. WE'RE ON THE SAME TEAM- We work together as one vendor, instead of separate vendors working for themselves, with the  same goal: delivering an all encompassing, exceptional experience with you and your story top of mind.

2. WE MOVE IN-SYNC- Like a well rehearsed first dance, we move in-sync with seamless communication which means we know how to capture the same moments at the same time with out sacrificing or getting in each other's shots.

3. CONSISTENT AESTHETIC Your photos and films will be consistent in color, style, and mood allowing you to relive your wedding day exactly the way it felt.

4. COLLABORATION- While we both share the same principles, we have very different minds, and we use this to your benefit. Both on wedding day, and in the post production stage, we work side-by-side collaborating and critiquing to make your photos and films the best they can possibly be. 

5. DOUBLE THE SUPPORT- We're here for you leading up to the wedding, and ready to help anyway we can the day of. We're married, so we get it, all of it.